•  Cut down on sugary foods and drinks especially between meals

  • Finish meals with dairy foods 

See the Australian Dental Association Guidelines for more  detailed information

  • Keep mouth moist

  • Sugar-free gum & artificial saliva can help

 Poor Oral Health has been linked to heart disease, lung disease and even dementia.

The following basic mouth care is important regardless of having your own teeth or dentures

 Healthy Diet
Brush teeth or dentures
twice daily
  • Use fluoride toohpaste

  • Use soft toothbrush

  • Include gums and tongue

 Keep well hydrated
Visit your dentist annually

This is important even if you have dentures.


Kathryn Anderson

Accredited Practising Dietitian (A.P.D.)

BSc ,Dip Ed, Dip Nut & Diet,

Master Nutrition & Dietetics

Associate Degree in Dementia Care


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